Brainbench a CEB CompanyBrainbench began in 1998 at the forefront of online computer based testing.  What really seemed to set them apart from other computer assessment systems at the time (including Questionmark – of whom I have worked) was, their assessments were 100% Free.

Obviously that was to build a market base, and to show viability – and sadly has now come to an end, as most of their assessments are now for pay.

That being said – there was great benefit to me when I used their program many years ago, as I was able to test my knowledge and skills prior to taking my initial MCSE exams.

Therefore, even though many of the certificates are now dated, I scanned them and put them online for nostalgia’s sake.  Plus, I think it is important to demonstrate one of the key tenets to IT……Always be learning.


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